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  • Published on May 2

April showers traditionally herald the bloom of May flowers but at EV.Careers, they signal a downpour of May promotions! During this promotional period, employers can post electric vehicle job openings at no cost, a savings of $99 per job. Plus, take advantage of our Marketing Boost option at a significantly reduced price for amplified visibility of your company and current job listings. For those seeking premium services, our Contingency Recruiting plan is available to reduce your time and hire and ensure you hire the best person for your job openings.

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EV Employers

EV.Careers is your premier destination for finding exceptional talent in the electric vehicle industry. It’s the ultimate platform for making connections with the experts and enthusiasts shaping the future of electric mobility.

Key Benefits

  • Target EV Professionals: Access a specialized group of thousands of EV professionals who are actively exploring new career paths.
  • Reduce Costs: Attract top-notch candidates more economically than traditional recruitment methods allow.
  • Simplify Recruitment: Benefit from a straightforward hiring process supported by our intuitive platform and professional assistance.
  • Brand Showcase: Promote your company’s ethos and culture to draw in candidates that align with your organizational values.

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EV Job Seekers

EV.Careers invites you to join the dynamic and expanding world of electric vehicles. Our platform is the gateway for those with a passion for electric mobility to find thrilling job opportunities and connect with industry leaders driving transportation innovation.

  • Career Opportunities: Discover a world of opportunities in engineering, manufacturing, sales, IT, operations, logistics, research, development, and beyond.
  • Explore Potential Employers: Seek out leading EV employers across automotive manufacturing, charger manufacturing, charging infrastructure, and a vast array of other exciting EV companies.
  • Enhance Your Visibility: Create a profile to promote your expertise and background to prospective employers.
  • Job Alerts: Subscribe to receive daily or weekly new job alerts directly in your inbox.
  • Community: Join our EV career community to connect with other professionals and take your career to the next level.

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