Our Story

Our Mission

Empowering the future of mobility: We connect exceptional EV talent with industry leading companies, driving innovation and accelerating the transition to electric transportation. 

Our Story

We, the team at EV.Careers, aren't just bystanders in the electric vehicle revolution. For over a decade, we have lived and breathed it through our EV-focused recruitment firm, EPG. We have seen the passion, the innovation, and the relentless drive to build the future of transportation. But we also saw the wide gap between talented individuals yearning for the perfect EV role and companies struggling to find the right people to fuel their green missions.

That's when the spark ignited. We envisioned a platform that transcended basic job boards, a platform that spoke the language of EV enthusiasts and fostered meaningful connections. Thus, EV.Careers was born.

We are more than just a job board, we are an EV community. We understand the unique challenges and aspirations of both job seekers and employers in the EV space. For job seekers, we offer personalized guidance, insider advice, and curated positions that help you find your dream career. We open doors to exclusive opportunities and connect you with industry experts who share your passion for the EV revolution.

For employers, we are your ally in building your dream team. We know how to attract and hire the best EV minds, the ones who can propel your company forward. Our deep network and expertise ensure you find the perfect fit, someone who aligns with your values and drives your mission.

Our story is still unfolding, but our commitment remains unwavering: to be the bridge that connects the best EV talent with the companies shaping a greener future. Join us on this journey. Whether you are searching for your dream EV role or building an unstoppable team, EV.Careers is your partner in connecting top talent with the best jobs!

-John and Joe Rooney