Tips for Interviewers: Best Way to Prepare for an Interview

  • EV Employers
  • By EV.Careers
  • Published on September 21, 2023

In today's competitive job market, interviewers play a crucial role in finding the right candidates for their organizations. To conduct effective interviews that leave a positive impression on candidates, interviewers must be well-prepared.

Before the interview:

1. Understand the job requirements. 

Review the job description carefully and make a list of the essential skills and qualifications needed for the position. This will help you tailor your questions and evaluation criteria accordingly.

2. Review the candidate's resume. 

Take the time to thoroughly review the candidate's resume, paying attention to their work history, achievements, and any gaps in employment. This will enable you to ask specific questions about their qualifications and experiences during the interview.

3. Develop a structured interview format. 

A structured interview format ensures consistency and fairness in the evaluation process. Decide on the order of questions, allocate time for each section, and plan how you will score the responses.

4. Prepare a list of questions. 

Mix behavioral questions with situational and technical ones to get a holistic view of the candidate. Behavioral questions require candidates to provide real-life examples of their past experiences. Craft questions that prompt them to share stories that demonstrate their problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership skills. Situational questions ask candidates how they would handle a hypothetical scenario. This assesses their judgment and decision-making skills. Technical questions assess the candidate's knowledge and skills specific to the job.

During the interview:

1. Set up the interview environment. 

Ensure that the interview location is comfortable, well-lit, and free from distractions. Test any technology or equipment you plan to use, such as video conferencing tools.

2. Be welcoming and professional. 

Introduce yourself and greet the candidate with a smile. Make them feel comfortable by asking how they're doing and offering them a drink of water.

3. Actively listen to the candidate's responses. 

Show genuine interest by nodding, maintaining eye contact, and asking follow-up questions.

4. Take notes. 

This helps you remember the candidate's responses and aids in making an informed decision later. However, be discreet in your note-taking to avoid making the candidate uncomfortable.

5. Build a connection. 

Establish a rapport with the candidate to make them feel at ease. Start with a friendly introduction and engage in small talk to create a comfortable atmosphere.

After the interview:

Provide feedback. 

After the interview, provide constructive feedback to the candidate, whether they were successful or not. This helps candidates improve and leaves a positive impression of your organization.

Here are some additional tips for interviewers:

  • Avoid unconscious biases. Be aware of unconscious biases that may influence your judgment. Evaluate candidates objectively based on their qualifications and responses rather than personal biases.
  • Be respectful of the candidate's time. Stick to the interview schedule and allocate time for introductions, questions, and candidate inquiries.
  • Ask follow-up questions for clarification or to dig deeper into a particular topic. This shows your commitment to understanding the candidate's qualifications.

By following these tips, interviewers can conduct effective interviews that benefit both their company and the candidates. Remember that a well-prepared and professional interviewer contributes to a positive candidate experience.

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