Interview Questions & Processes at EV Charging Companies

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  • Published on March 12

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is driving a surge in demand for charging infrastructure. This translates to exciting opportunities for those seeking careers in a dynamic and eco-friendly industry. But how do you land that dream job at an EV charging company? Here's what you need to know about the interview process and staying ahead of the curve.

Interview Prep 101

EV charging companies look for candidates with a blend of technical knowledge and industry understanding. Be prepared for questions on:

  • EV Charging Fundamentals: Explain different charging levels (Level 1, 2, DC Fast Charging) and their applications.
  • Technical Aptitude: For engineering or technician roles, expect questions on power electronics, electrical safety, and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Industry Awareness: Demonstrate your knowledge of the latest charging technologies, government incentives for EV adoption, and charging network challenges.
  • Customer Focus: EV charging companies prioritize customer experience. Be ready to discuss how you'd handle customer inquiries or troubleshoot charging issues.

Understanding Interview Stages

  1. Initial Screening: Briefly discuss your qualifications and fit with the company culture (often via phone or video call).
  2. Technical Assessments: Certain roles may involve tests to assess relevant skills and knowledge.
  3. Panel Interviews: Face multiple interviewers from different departments, showcasing your ability to connect with diverse teams.
  4. Final Decision: After evaluating all candidates, companies choose the best fit for the role.

Strategies to Ace Your Interview

How to Talk About Yourself

Craft a powerful summary highlighting your professional story. Focus on relevant skills and accomplishments, not personal details. Weave in past experiences that shaped your present capabilities, and showcase your aspirations for future contributions in this role.

Specific Examples

Back up claims with concrete examples from your past experiences, adding credibility.

Tips for a Winning Impression

  • Dress Professionally: Project a polished image that aligns with the company's culture.
  • Communicate Effectively: Listen attentively, speak clearly, and articulate your thoughts concisely.
  • Confidence is Key: Display confidence and enthusiasm for the role and the company's mission.

Staying Charged Up: Keeping Pace with Innovation

The EV charging landscape is constantly evolving. Here's how to stay informed:

  • Industry Publications: Subscribe to publications like Charged EVs, Green Car Reports, or MobilityEVo for in-depth industry analysis and news on emerging technologies.
  • Company Websites: Major charging companies like ChargePoint, Blink Charging, Electrify America, and EVGo often publish press releases and blog posts detailing new developments.
  • Webinars and Conferences: Attend industry events and webinars hosted by charging companies or associations to gain insights from experts.

Major Players in the Charging Arena

As you research companies, familiarize yourself with some of the key industry leaders:

ChargePoint: A global leader, ChargePoint offers a wide range of charging solutions for homes, businesses, and fleets.

Blink Charging: Focused on Level 2 charging, Blink provides charging stations for workplaces, multifamily dwellings, and public locations.

Electrify America: Established by Volkswagen, Electrify America builds ultra-fast charging stations along highways and major corridors.

EVGo: Operating primarily in the US, EVGo provides a network of charging stations for businesses and public locations.

By understanding the interview process, staying updated on the latest technologies, and researching major companies, you'll be well-positioned to land your dream job and contribute to a sustainable future in the EV charging industry.

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