Are you on the hunt for top-tier talent in the electric vehicle (EV) industry?

Look no further than EV.Careers, your one-stop platform for connecting with skilled and passionate professionals who are driving the future of electric mobility. With EV.Careers you can discover the industry's top talent and start building your dream team today!

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Target EV Professionals: Target a dedicated pool of EV professionals actively seeking new opportunities.

Reduce Costs: Reach high-quality candidates at a more cost-effective rate compared to traditional recruiting methods.

Simplify Recruitment: Streamline your hiring process with our user-friendly platform and expert support.

Brand Showcase: Showcase your brand and company culture to attract qualified candidates who share your vision.

EV Companies and Position Types

EV.Careers is your one-stop shop to connect with the best EV talent available for hire. We cater to a diverse range of EV companies, including but not limited to:
  • Cars, Trucks, Vans, Motorcycles, Boats, and more
  • Motors
  • EV Charging Station (Wired and Wireless)
  • Charging Network Providers and Installers
  • Batteries
  • Software
  • Other EV Related Components
At EV.Careers, our job board is designed to connect top talent of all skill types with a wide range of innovative companies across the entire electric vehicle industry. This includes:
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Data and Analytics
  • Engineering
  • Entry Level and Internships
  • Executive and Upper Management
  • Legal & Government Affairs
  • Manufacturing Jobs
  • Marketing
  • Mid-Senior Level
  • Operations
  • People and Human Resources
  • Production, Service, and Technicians
  • Program & Project Management
  • Real Estate
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Supply Chain

EV Hiring Success

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"EV.Careers was instrumental in filling our critical Engineering Manager role. Their targeted candidate pool of EV professionals made the recruitment process incredibly efficient. I highly recommend for any company seeking to save time and money while hiring top talent in the electric vehicle industry." - EV Engineering Leader

EV Candidate Profiles

Access a comprehensive database of qualified EV professionals across various disciplines. Search and filter profiles based on specific skills, experience, and location. Review detailed information and resumes to identify the perfect candidate for your electric vehicle team.

EV Candidate Profiles

Hiring Resources

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The electric vehicle (EV) industry is growing rapidly, and with it, the demand for top talent. If you're an EV company looking to hire the best people, you need to be strategic about your hiring process in order to hire the best EV talent.

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Negotiating Salary with Potential Employees: A Guide for Employers

Salary negotiation is an essential part of the hiring process. It allows both employers and potential employees to align expectations and reach a mutually beneficial agreement. By following effective salary negotiation strategies, employers can attract and retain top talent, while ensuring that their compensation packages are fair and equitable.

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Complete Guide to Attracting the Best Electric Vehicle Industry Talent

This guide unlocks how to build a dream team in the fast-paced electric vehicle (EV) industry. From crafting captivating job descriptions and effectively interviewing candidates, to crafting competitive offers and fostering a seamless onboarding experience, discover proven strategies to attract and retain the passionate professionals driving the electric revolution.

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What is the benefit of advertising on a dedicated EV job board?

Focus on the high concentration of qualified EV industry professionals actively seeking new opportunities. You'll reach a targeted audience, saving time and resources in the recruitment process.

How does your platform work?

You can start by posting a job for free. From there you will create an account where you can see all of your active job postings, applicants, and data related to your job openings. Through our network your jobs will be posted to other job boards like Google Jobs and LinkedIn jobs to increase traffic and help you fill your EV job openings quicker. We also offer paid marketing to our thousands of followers and contingent recruiting services when you need to quickly hire the best candidate for those tough-to-fill job openings.

What types of EV jobs can I post?

EV.Careers is designed to fill every type of position including but not limited to ​​Accounting & Finance, Data and Analytics, Engineering, Entry Level and Internships, Executive and Upper Management, Legal & Government Affairs, Manufacturing Jobs, Marketing, Mid-Senior Level, Operations, People and Human Resources, Production, Service, and Technicians, Program & Project Management, Real Estate, Sales & Business Development, and Supply Chain.

What types of EV companies benefit from EV.Careers?

If you are a company in the EV industry or you are looking to build an EV division we can help. Company types include cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, boats, other vehicles, motors, EV charging stations (wired and wireless), charging network providers and installers, batteries, software, and other EV components.

Do you offer free trials?

Yes! It’s free to post jobs on EV.Careers.

How does your platform help me connect with passive candidates?

Through our network of thousands of followers across our socials and newsletter, we can target EV candidates who may not be actively looking for positions. Additionally, we have many years of experience in EV staffing and recruiting if your position(s) require more attention.

Do you offer any customer support?

Yes, our number one goal is to help you hire the best EV talent and with this comes the best customer support. If you need anything, you can reach us at [email protected].