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Audi's story began in 1909 with the innovative spirit of August Horch, and has grown into a global leader in premium automobiles. Renowned for their quattro all-wheel-drive technology and sleek designs, they've pushed the boundaries of performance and luxury for over a century. However, Audi's vision extends beyond gasoline engines. Their interest in electric vehicles dates back to the 1980s, with concept cars like the 100 Avant duo hybrid and limited production models like the A4 Avant duo.

This commitment to electrification culminated in the 2009 e-tron concept, paving the way for their first fully electric SUV, the e-tron, launched in 2019. Today, the e-tron family has expanded, and Audi is committed to offering at least one electric vehicle in all core segments by 2027. With their sights set on complete electrification by 2033, Audi is not just embracing the future, but actively shaping it with innovative and sustainable solutions.

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